David’s paintings and poems

Reflections on a Tuesday Afternoon

Hear David reading this poem


Tuesday afternoon Jack the Lad again – Home on Leave – Jitter bug impress the girls

Tuesday afternoon glad rags on – Local dance – Catch his eye he likes me best

Rock’n Roll, new from the states – Edwardian suit – Teddy Boy one of the Lads

Tuesday afternoon he always – Danced with me – Oh! How hansom he is in his Italian suit

Tuesday afternoon it’s Twist Again – Like last summer – Down to Brighton, or Southend

All week we commute to old London Town – Or was that Birmingham – Could be anywhere even sunny Africa

Tuesday afternoon and we danced into the early hours – When we got home – I shut the door I wanted him to myself

Tuesday afternoon we marched our protest – We are rebels now – Young people full hope

Everyone their own life memories – But! Everyone knows how to sing – Good by Piccadilly with gusto

It’s Tuesday afternoon again – And we are who we used to be – When our lives where ahead of us

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