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This site is dedicated to all the amazing people living with dementia, and their Bubs* (back-up brains), their family and friends who help and support them. Also to everyone who has helped us, both personally and professionally in various ways, to enable us to deliver our groups.
Here you will find information about our groups plus other information we think might be helpful.
* This is how Kate Swaffer, a lady diagnosed with young onset dementia, describes her husband.

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Carers Group: 12/12/22

Janet’s information piece Progress with new Alzheimer’s drug lecanemab In top-line results from a phase 3 clinical trial called Clarity AD, lecanemab has been shown to slow down the decline in thinking and memory skills in people living with early Alzheimer’s disease by 27%.  The trails will continue. Careful screening and targeting of suitable people is needed … Continue reading Carers Group: 12/12/22

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