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About the Friendship Group

We’ve had a lovely afternoon. I’m so pleased we came. I can’t remember the last time we danced.

Beveley – A carer (October 2021)

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful time on Tuesday. Dad has not stopped talking about everyone being so welcoming and friendly. Thanks again.

Adele – a carer (October 2021)

I love coming to Reflections. It really is a highlight. You are such a wonderful team.

Vikki – Singer (October 2021)

The hard work you both put into your Reflection Friendship online group with your team is amazing. You should  both be very proud of yourselves. They are fantastic and such engaging sessions.

Sharon – Support Worker (February 2021)

Never forget, Peter, yourself and the team at Reflections Group made dementia bearable. Your group gave me and Mum a better life together.

Martin – who used to attend the group with his Mum Joan. (June 2020)

It’s made such a difference to my life, coming to your group. I haven’t wanted to go to groups in the past, but I’m glad I came to yours. I go home happy.

Ron (January 2020)

I can’t tell you how much this group means to me. I was at breaking point and this group has changed my life. My friends tell me I’m like a different person since I started coming here. Thank you.

Olinder (October 2019)

I really enjoyed the afternoon and an so pleased I came. I never thought I would dance again

Beryl (October 2019)

We have been to several groups, but yours is unique. There is such a lovely atmosphere. I have never seen my mum dance before.

Bing (June 2019)

Very easy to talk to, very nice people. I am so pleased to have joined. Beautiful people, treated well.

Ron (February 2019)

What do you like about the group? The happiness and friendliness that never fails to greet us.

Edna & Bob (February 2019)

The group is marvellous and great. It has really cheered us up to be with you

Kevin & Barbara (February 2019)

Your group has enabled us to enjoy life together again. Thank you so much for everything you do for all of us.

Christine & David (December 2018)

Thank you for all you have done to make Tuesdays a day to look forward to.

Carole & David (December 2018)

Thank you for making a difference to our lives.

Jean & Tony (December 2018)

Thank you so much for letting us become part of your friendship group. Joe has enjoyed coming every time. I think you both work so hard and making everyone feel so welcome, it is special.

Joyce (December 2018)

Thanks as always for making Tuesdays so memorable & fun.

Joan, Martin & Susan (December 2018)

Thank you for all your hard work on our behalf, it is much appreciated.

Kathy & Tony (December 2018)

Thank you all for what you do to make Tuesday afternoon so enjoyable

Barbara & Ted (December 2018)

Thank you for bringing so much happiness to us all.

Edna & Bob (December 2018)

Very sociable group where everyone is valued and accepted. We have made friends and look forward to coming here.

Caroline & Sylvia (October 2018)

Great friendliness and welcome shown by all; the singing and dancing; the join-in philosophy; the various other activities in adjoining rooms; the great location; the structured activity – but it is low-key and better for that. Lovely volunteers.

Martin (June 2018)

I have never seen so many happy people. The entertainment toady was fantastic. I felt as if I was at the theatre.

Anonymous (June 2018)

Caring, non-judgemental, friendly supportive environment, filled with wonderful people and staffed by wonderful friends. Throughly enjoyable and brightens my mum’s day. What more can you ask for. Don’t change what is already perfect.

Anonymous (October 2017)

I really like the group. Everyone enjoys themselves, its the best one around. The other groups will have to go a long way to top this one.

Joe (September 2017)

Always lovely people! Always happy. At least you have time to enjoy our life

Anonymous (April 2017)

Wonderful group. No need for improvement. We all agree that it’s a joyous environment. Always interesting. Always happy.

Tina and June (March 2017)

“I just wanted to say thank you for the work that you do in running your group.  My Stepfather has been attending recently and he really enjoys it, especially the singing at the end. It is a really valuable service that you are providing and it is much appreciated. I live in Sussex so am not nearby and it is good for me to know that he has a group to go to that he finds friendly and enjoyable.”

Caroline, Carer of person with dementia

“Lovely to meet you and the team yesterday. You are all doing fantastic work and it was nice to see such good rapport between volunteers, people with dementia and their carers.  It is a very well run group and it’s easy to see why you have such great attendance.”

Abbey, Commissioning Officer Royal Greenwich

About both groups

Thank you and the group for what you have been doing. You are all fantastic. It made mum’s day every time she went there. Keep going, as you help so many people. The advice I got at the Carers’ Support Group really helped me.

Anton, son of Beryl (November 2017)

About Janet

“Your dedication, professionalism and approachability is a rare talent.”

Judith, Specialist Dementia Nurse Royal Greenwich Memory Service