Playlist for Life: The soundtrack of your life

Building a personal playlist means exploring someone’s life-story to gather the tunes that are most deeply attached to memories and emotions – this is the soundtrack of their life.

– – – – – – –
I have included my first attempt at my Playlist here. I am happy to discuss its meaning – each tune is linked to my history and emotional memories. As recommended, I have only picked positive memories. A few of our volunteers have been considering their Playlists. You may find these interesting (links go to YouTube): Jen’s tune & Janet’s tune, only they have the full stories!

Reflections has agreed to be a Playlist for Life Help Point. The purpose of the Help Points is to share how a playlist of personally meaningful music can help improve daily life. They are being set up all over the UK. Contact me if you want more information.

You may find out lots more about Playlists and how to create one on their website. The Facebook page shows what their team have been doing here. If you use Spotify you can access some of the Playlists set up by their team here.

If you are worn out by all this thinking, I have a tune to help you clear your head – on YouTube here.