21 February

Today we had a great Friendship Group session at Shrewsbury House. Tony gave us another wonderful all-singing-and-dancing hour. The group singing was loud – so Tony, we think you are going to need some amplification. Lovely to see the ladies in the wheelchairs joining-in.

Tony 2102

I blurred some faces in the picture to ensure privacy – and sorry to those whom I couldn’t squeeze in.

Good to see Kathy and Kim return. Amazing to see Kathy dance the afternoon away, even with a bad back.

32 Friends came today, plus all our lovely volunteers. Welcome to Marie, our newest team member, on her first visit – hopefully the first of many. Joan was busy elsewhere, so she volunteered to sharpen all the pencils this evening!

Thanks to Matthew for the tasty choice of food in the cafe, I certainly enjoyed my sandwich and coffee.

Hope to see you all in two weeks.


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