7 March: visit from Thorntree Primary School

We had a great session today. 30 Friends came, supported by 7 team members.

We were delighted to welcome 27 young people from Thorntree school, supported by three adults (including the headteacher, Miss Fenwick).

This was the initiative of Elle, whose great grand mother attends Reflections. Knowing that we do not receive funding, she asked the school if she and her classmates could be sponsored to dance for the group. Elle, shown in the middle of the photo below, also choreographed the dance.*

The pupils performed a great dance routine and then mingled with the group – they even provided goody-bags for all, which included sweets and a tea bag – so thoughtful.

It was lovely to see the younger and older generations mixing together. The children were polite, well mannered and a credit to their school.

One of our Friends is seen here demonstrating his juggling skills to a rapt audience.

It was an excellent event, which everyone enjoyed. Thank you to eveyone involved and to Elle, in particular, for coming up with the idea and making sure it happened.

Thank you to Miss Fenwick and all those participating for their enthusiasm, engagement and fun. We look forward to welcoming you back in the future.

Prior to their arrival, the Greenwich Commissioning Officer visited. She had heard about our group and wanted to find out more about what we were doing. She said the team were doing fantastic work and it was a very well run group.

All-in-all a great day.

* The school confirmed consent had been given for photos to be taken and used on our web site. I have blurred the faces of Friends.

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