Happy 1st Birthday Friendship Group: 11 July 2017

On the 11th July we celebrated the 1st birthday of the Friendship Group.

It was a lovely afternoon with 28 friends joining in the celebrations.

We had strawberries and fizz and Marc the archery coach came along again. Thank you to Bronwyn and Rob for supplying the strawberries, cream and bowls – Gloria and Martin for the cake – and Shrewsbury House for some fizz.

Version 2

Some wonderful bunting was made by the group. It is too nice to display just once, so it will be displayed over the next few sessions.


Tina suggested the group could make some bunting for me. It was so thoughtful and I have displayed it at home.

As well as celebrating, it was also a time to remember and toast absent friends – those who can no longer attend for various reasons.

It was definitely an afternoon to lift the spirits. Thank you to everyone who has visited our group and especially to Deb, Tony and Thorntree School without whose donations we would not have been able to develop the group

Here’s to our next year!


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