August 8th: archery and quizzes

Another busy group today and we were very pleased to welcome three new people.

25 Friends came along for some archery, quizzes and a chat.

We are very grateful to Marc for managing to squeeze in another visit in his busy schedule. His archery sessions always prove popular, with new customers and veteran archers.

Janet has found a source of excellent quizzes. These proved popular, so we will be doing more of them in future. And we’ll make sure we give out the answers before everyone goes home – it’s clear that people are keen to know what their score was – and what were the answers they didn’t know: like the name of the first Russian dog in space.

Thank you to Sarah, Marc’s wife, for donating the skittles. The biscuit stock was also replenished with some welcome nibbles, thank you.

Angelika Welzel-Connolly, Dementia Action Co-ordinator for the Royal Borough of Greenwich, briefly introduced the Dementia Reference Group and gave out some information about the group (see here). Next time Angelika will return to answer any questions about the Reference Group and invite people to join.

As part of Dementia Dialogue Angelika will also run a knitting session that is guaranteed to produce wonderful results by 3pm!

For more information about Angelika and Dementia Dialogue see here.


Making Royal Greenwich a dementia-friendly Borough

You might be interested in Greenwich Council’s (slightly dated) guidance. You can find information on their web site here or read their pdf “A toolkit for business” here.


See you all next time,



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