October 31st: Halloween fun

A Halloween themed afternoon. 35 Friends came along to join in the fun. Lots of lovely goodies were donated for sharing, including the biscuits shown, which were made by the daughter of a carer.

There were Halloween quizzes and an opportunity to made a pine cone bat or a rosemary broomstick. It is believed that rosemary wards off evil and helps with memory recall. There was also an opportunity to take part in our Halloween raffle to win one of the carved pumpkins and a few other prizes.

As other events will be happening before we next meet, we also did a gunpowder plot quiz and a Remembrance wordsearch. As usual, we finished with a sing-a-long.

A memorable afternoon.

Thank you to Shrewsbury House for the great decorations in the room. We were lucky they had a party booked immediately after our group, so had decorated the room in advance.




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