Carers’ Group: 12 February

We had a broad discussion on issues affecting our carers. Some of the points raised included:


Blue Badge success

One of the group told us that her mother had been successful in meeting the requirements of this parking scheme. While the lady with dementia could walk, to a limited degree, she refused to do so. Following a full assessment the Badge was granted!

You can find more details on the Blue Badge in Greenwich scheme here.


Memory aids

We discussed aids such as diaries, whiteboard and clocks with clear displays including the day of the week.

The Alzheimer’s Society offer suggestions and guidance here


Self-belief and self-worth of the carer

It can be hard caring for someone and your self-belief can sometimes become strained. The group suggested some simple practical options: try looking in the mirror and tell yourself what a good job you are doing; list your achievements; keep a gratitude journal; discuss issues with trusted friends and family.

Some more sensible practical advice from Which here


Your home

Home security can be a worry when you are caring for someone. You also need to consider the implications of letting people into the home of the person you care for. There can be benefits, but what if something goes wrong?

Age UK have advice on home security here


Next Carers’ Group meeting will be on Monday 12 March

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