March 6th: games day

We had a mix of some of our favourite activities today, including archery

and singing – Agadoo was popular with most of the group…

The quizzes went well too. Here are a few questions from the March quiz.

All the answers start with the letters MAR:

  1. Small ball of glass used in a children’s game.
  2. Indian hemp
  3. Stranded on an island
  4. Bushy-tailed rodent
  5. Planet closest to Earth

Questions from the excellent Golden Carers website


We had our first experience of the new Shrewsbury House cafe today, nice sofa! It is well with a visit, if you happen to be at the top of Shooters Hill SE18.


For info.:

Reflections have just registered with The Small Charities Coalition [thanks for the pointer Deb]. They “help small charities [like us] access the skills, tools and information they need to develop and work effectively”. Their web site is here.

We are also in the process of registering with The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO). They “champion the voluntary sector by connecting, representing and supporting voluntary organisations”. Their web site is here.


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