Reflections in May

A busy month!

We ran three Friendship Groups in May. Young Tony came along to sing to us as usual. Janet started a new seated exercise session, which was very popular indeed – more of these to come. We had the usual quizzes, aqua painting, dominoes and lots more.

Our regular monthly evening Carers’ Group had us talking about the issues of the day for carers. There was a lot of discussion on how to safely plan a trip away for elderly people who have memory and other issues. As ever the group was mutually supportive and came up with many ideas.

Janet and I spent two days at Oxleas early in the month. The first day was an awareness event, where we had the opportunity to speak to a variety of people with a recent diagnosis and their carers. The second was a chance for us to meet the latest Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) group, have a chat, and invite them to move on to out Friendship Group.

Over five days I addended an introduction course, then started as an “apprentice”, as part of the latest Remembering Yesterday Caring Today (RYCT) group in Woolwich. For more information on the 10/12 weekly themed reminiscence sessions see the comprehensive web site here.

Towards the end of the month I was very pleased to run my 33rd Dementia Friends session. Thanks to Bob the (website) builder for arranging the event. I have now presented to over 700 people as my contribution to the 2.5 million Dementia Friends. If you want to know more about Dementia Friends, please contact me or visit here.

Janet and I then attended the innovative Dementia Action Week event in Woolwich library on the 24th. Angelika had set up a Dementia friendly Street with the help of Richard and the other library staff. The “street” included businesses and services across the borough which have received recognition for being dementia inclusive. There is more about what Greenwich is doing to become a dementia friendly Borough here.

Finally we popped along to the Park Avenue Care home on two days, to sample their entertainment. We were so impressed by one of the singers, Jamie Steen, that we booked him on the spot to perform at our Friendship group. More about Jamie here.

Enjoy the sunshine.

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