Carer’s Group: 9th July

We discussed how to cope with family members who, for whatever reasons, are unwilling to take an interest/share the workload caring for someone with dementia. This is clearly a very difficult area. The group suggested a little education can help understanding and may prompt some participation in care or just greater contact.

Food preparation can be an issue for someone with dementia living alone. There was broad support for the use of pre-prepared frozen dinners. The Wiltshire Foods service was suggested as a supplier. For information their web site is here.

Two people at the group have spouses in The Meadows. However, their experiences have been somewhat different. They were able to compare notes and consider the best way to cope with managing their care home experiences. If issues do arise, then there was agreement that the care home manager should be contacted.

There was a similar divergence of experience in using the local advocacy for older people service. Some experiences had been very good, others not so. Information their web site is here.

We discussed how to cope with someone who becomes aggressive. This led onto questions about how do you know when it is the right time for someone to go into care. The group agreed it was best to stay at home as long as possible, so that required an understanding of the support services available and funding issues arising.

We discussed funding care and how some people may be eligible for continuing health care. The NHS has guidance which sets out the principles and processes of the national framework for NHS continuing healthcare and NHS-funded nursing care. You may find it here.



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