Carers’ Group: 12th November

Some good news, the daughter of one of our group has just had twins. Congratulations!

The discussion was as wide ranging as ever. A couple of issues to reflect on:

The group discussed the benefits of visiting care homes well in advance of signing-up as a resident. The prospective client should be clear that their needs can be catered for. An unannounced visit to a care home often gives a more accurate view of the home than a planned one. It helps to understand the financial implications and how best to manage your money. Speaking to a solicitor is a wise move; some offer free initial consultations – for example Clarkson Wright & Jakes

The group all had experiences of visiting Accident and Emergency at their local hospitals. The consensus was that A&E should be avoided, if possible, due to: the noise; amount of waiting time; colourful characters etc. etc. all inducing stress. Unfortunately, visits can be necessary and hospital stays may be needed. We re-visited John’s Campaign – “for the right to stay with people with dementia – for the right of people with dementia to be supported by their family carers – Behind its simple statement of purpose lies the belief that carers should not just be allowed but should be welcomed, and that a collaboration between the patients and all connected with them is crucial to their health and their well-being. John’s Campaign applies to all hospital settings: acute, community, mental health and its principles could extend to all other caring institutions where people are living away from those closest to them.”

In the next session we shall be reflecting on the achievements of the group members in the last year and what they have learned.


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