GPS Trackers

There are a variety of devices that use GPS to locate a person. They could give you greater peace of mind, if your loved one likes to go for a walk. The tracker will link to an app which will enable you to see where they are.

You will need to consider some issues before you buy one. These include:

  • Do you have the person’s consent to use the device? (if they are able to give consent)
  • Is “tracking” in your loved one’s best interest? (not to simply “tag” them for your convenience and who will have access to the information?)
  • Will the tracker be worn? (they come in a variety of forms including – fobs for key rings, watches, and insoles for shoes)
  • Would the device be used? (for example – some have panic buttons)
  • The initial cost (which can be high – see links below)
  • The monthly cost (which may be low, but mounts-up over time)

The Alzheimer’s Society has an article on GPS devices here

You can see a variety of trackers on the atdementia site here

An example of a tracker is below. The atdementia site includes more information. Please note: I have no experience of this tracker and am not endorsing it.



Yepzon Freedom GPS tracker

The Yepzon Freedom is a safety product designed for people who are active in and outside of the home. It uses 3G, wifi and GPS for accurate tracking.

Activity can be monitored through a free and easy to use app which works on any smartphone. One device can be tracked with several phones – meaning you can make your ‘circle of care’ as large or as small as you choose. The personal alarm button, when pressed, will immediately alert those with the app that you have raised the alarm and they can check your location on the app and respond.

The Yepzon Freedom is especially reliable since it does not have a power switch from which it could accidentally be turned off. In addition, the battery life of the device can last for weeks depending on the user-specific settings. Its small, stylish and has a handy attaching mechanism, making easy to attach and take with you anywhere. It is shock and spill resistant.

The product comes with built in SIM and 5MG worth of data (approximately 1 month of average use). There is a cost for the ongoing data according to usage; the app is free to download.

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