The Alzheimer’s Show 2019 – a great day out

Prompted by one of the carers from our Carers’ Support Group, who had been before, we had a very interesting day at the Alzheimer’s Show at Olympia on Friday 7th June.

It was a pleasure to meet, and catch-up with, fellow visitors from the Greenwich teams of Oxleas and the Alzheimer’s Society at the show.

The day included a variety of speakers and a good selection of stalls to peruse. The Show’s web site gives lots of detail of what was included – have a look here.

We were impressed, and interested in, the Playlist for Life. Your ‘playlist for life’ is all the songs or pieces of music that make up the soundtrack of your life. These are not your favourite songs, but songs that have the ability to bring memories to mind when you hear them. Everyone’s playlist will be different. We have signed-up for their free training course. More details here. I shall be making a short presentation about the Playlist at our Carers’ Group on 10th June and there will be a blog here.

A key message we took from the event was about the variety of things we need to do to keep our brains healthy. Concentrating on one form of brain training is not helpful – if you keep doing Sudoku you will become good at Sudoku, but that is all. With brain training, all areas of the brain need to be worked including those that involve coordination and smell. Other factors mentioned are shown below.

Janet took the Virtual Dementia Tour – which she found very interesting, but rather unnerving. [I have looked for a website to show the Tour, but the ones I found are looking to sell a related service].

We liked the Call-to-Mind game and bought a copy for the Friendship Group. The day after the event we tested it out with our family.  Six of us, aged 18 to 87, enjoyed having our memories prodded – some of us were even prompted to burst into song!

It was a good day out and has given us lots of ideas and things to think about.








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