Pearly Queens

The Pearly Queens returned this week for entertainment and lots of photo opportunities.

It was great to have Sharon, an outreach worker,  from The Carers Centre, joining in as well. As part of a new initiative with the Carers Centre, she will be coming along regularly to offer support to carers. For her first official visit she started by talking to some members of the group about carer contingency plans should they become unwell. She will be doing more of this over the coming weeks. We also had a visit from the lovely ladies from The Alzheimer’s Society, Leanne and Hannah who popped in to say hello and have a catch up with some of the group.

We started with some puzzles, quizzes, word searches, aqua painting and dominoes.

Then we moved on to a cockney knees-up with time to  test our knowledge of cockney rhyming slang.

Nearly everyone knew the words, or sang along even if they didn’t.

Thank you Gwen, Pearly Queen of Royal Greenwich and Kim Pearly Queen of Woolwich for a lovely afternoon. The Pearly Queens raised £63.34 from their bucket collection from the group. A good day for everyone.








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