Reflections Third Birthday!

The Mayor, councillor Mick Hayes and his wife Gillian the Mayoress came to wish us well.

Maritime Radio popped in to interview some of the attendees.

We had some relaxing chats, puzzles…

and cakes, strawberries and drinks, supplied by the wonderful Carole from Asda, Charlton.

It was all very restrained

Until our new singer, Andrew, opened the entertainment.

Then the party really started.

And everyone – including the Mayor and Mayoress – joined in.

It was good to have Sarah, one of our trustees, plus Natasha, Janice and Macie from the Carers Centre with us, helping out and dancing up a storm.

A wonderful afternoon. Thanks to everyone who came. Special thanks to our fabulous volunteers.

Today was probably the best Reflections birthday bash since this one






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