David Baddiel on C4: The Trouble with Dad [Pick’s disease]

(This programme is available to watch on 4OD until 19 March 2017)

We just caught up with the recent Chanel 4 programme: The Trouble with Dad. It’s well worth a watch, although I should warn you there is lots of very strong language.

C4 say: “David Baddiel’s dad Colin has Pick’s disease. This intimate, moving and sometimes funny documentary explores the impact that Colin’s condition has on his sons’ relationship with him.”

You can find clips here

And a Radio Times article here

The changes that occur with Pick’s disease, also known as Frontotemporal dementia, can affect peoples behaviour and speech.

For more information about this form of dementia see the Alzheimer’s Society information pages here

A fact sheet is also available here

2 thoughts on “David Baddiel on C4: The Trouble with Dad [Pick’s disease]

  1. I have just watched The Trouble With Dad.
    I found it informative but I couldn’t watch it all as it was so upsetting. Goodness knows how relatives cope when they see their loved ones slowly disappearing due to the onset of dementia. I’m aware that many of you are experiencing this awful situation and must be so grateful to be able to attend Reflections meetings. I believe that meeting others that are caring for someone with dementia in its various forms makes you realise that you’re not alone and that you can get support and strength from your new made friends.
    Thanks Peter for this, and thanks again to you and Janet for the wonderful work that you are doing.
    With kind regards,

    1. Thank you Sue. Groups do not suit everyone, though I thought I was one of those people until I attended one when my dad had dementia. I found it helpful to be with others who understood and this is why we set up our group. Kind regards to you too.

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