Emma launches a Singing Hour – online!

Good news – you might want to try this. It is open to all. Follow the link to Emma’s SingTogether LTD site.

The first three days are a free trial, then there will be a charge of £2 per session. Janet signed up from the first day and enjoyed the singalong with 47 other happy singers. Emma is very professional and the Singing Hour is developing rapidly into an easy to access, smoothly run and fun experience.

You need to register in advance for the singing session (it’s easy).  After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing a link to The Singing Hour session. Places are limited to 100.

You will be sent a lyric sheet for the week’s session.







Rotary Club of Greenwich

We were very pleased to be invited back for lunch at the Rotary Club of Greenwich today. Their sponsorship has enabled us to run our Reminiscence Project in 2018-19 and we were happy to give the Club an update on progress with this, and our other groups.

The Rotary Club does have its formalities and all speakers are kept to time. Janet and I were very well received and we had the opportunity for informal discussions with members who had questions about our charity.

Liz, the president of the Club, presented us with a cheque after our short talk. This was an unexpected surprise!

Thank you to all the members of the Rotary Club of Greenwich for making us so welcome, the lovely lunch, and their generosity and support for our work. We look forward to continuing our links with the Club in the future and welcoming their members to visit our Friendship Group.


Dementia Inclusive Greenwich Award

On the 4th September Reflections was assessed for the Dementia Inclusive Greenwich Award. We felt it was important to be part of this initiative, which is voluntary. Today we met with Angelika Welzel-Connolly (the Greenwich Dementia Action Coordinator) to be presented with our award. 








We are now able to use the logo to on our website and materials.

As an organisation we are very pleased to have this award, as we feel Dementia Inclusive Greenwich is an important initiative in the borough.

Creating a dementia friendly environment can allow people to feel valued and included; they need to feel part of a community. A dementia friendly environment is not only the built/physical environment, but also the social environment. Both are equally vital to the wellbeing of the person with dementia and their carer.

You may see more information on the initiative here.

David Baddiel on C4: The Trouble with Dad [Pick’s disease]

(This programme is available to watch on 4OD until 19 March 2017)

We just caught up with the recent Chanel 4 programme: The Trouble with Dad. It’s well worth a watch, although I should warn you there is lots of very strong language.

C4 say: “David Baddiel’s dad Colin has Pick’s disease. This intimate, moving and sometimes funny documentary explores the impact that Colin’s condition has on his sons’ relationship with him.”

You can find clips here

And a Radio Times article here

The changes that occur with Pick’s disease, also known as Frontotemporal dementia, can affect peoples behaviour and speech.

For more information about this form of dementia see the Alzheimer’s Society information pages here

A fact sheet is also available here