Rotary Club of Greenwich

We were very pleased to be invited back for lunch at the Rotary Club of Greenwich today. Their sponsorship has enabled us to run our Reminiscence Project in 2018-19 and we were happy to give the Club an update on progress with this, and our other groups.

The Rotary Club does have its formalities and all speakers are kept to time. Janet and I were very well received and we had the opportunity for informal discussions with members who had questions about our charity.

Liz, the president of the Club, presented us with a cheque after our short talk. This was an unexpected surprise!

Thank you to all the members of the Rotary Club of Greenwich for making us so welcome, the lovely lunch, and their generosity and support for our work. We look forward to continuing our links with the Club in the future and welcoming their members to visit our Friendship Group.


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