First Jobs & Friends Reminiscence 24/02/20

It all started well. We were very pleased to welcome some new Friendship Group members to this session. We were also sorry that several members were unwell and could not come along.

Chatting about our first jobs brought up some interesting professions, as well as the ones we had highlighted on our interest table.

I don’t think many of us had met a Lard Packer before or that the natural progression was to being a Butter Packer. Fortunately, the group member had moved on to an out-door job later in life, which he enjoyed much more. We also had two ladies who had worked in the posher end of the clothes industry, making garments for royalty!

We identified some jobs that no longer exist. Including Knocker-upper and Tally man. We had some keen financial brains with us. I asked some questions about the pre-decimal currency, and the group passed the test. Incidentally, do you know how many shillings there were in a florin?

The music quiz was slightly less enjoyable than I would have liked, as the music machine did not work!!! Luckily, the wonderful Pearl stepped-in with more of her memorable jokes. Then the performance team – Caroline, Janet and Pearl – took to the floor for an interactive trio of songs. Who knew “Ten green bottles” would take soooo long to sing.

It was all good fun and we anticipate another good session next time, when we will be Going Out.

Thanks to the Stir Cafe for sorting out the hot drinks – nice cups : )







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