Peta runs and raises £s

We were surprised and delighted to be contacted by Peta, a couple of weeks ago, saying she would like to run the Vitality Big Half in aid of Reflections. On Sunday morning 1st March we went to Greenwich to support her. We were very pleased to meet the wonderful Peta in Greenwich park, after her run and present her with a certificate of gratitude and a goody bag.

Peta finished the half marathon in 1:55! A very impressive time indeed. We are very grateful for her sponsorship of Reflections. Thank you to Peta and all her sponsors.

The athlete in action: Peta pounds the pavement, but stops to see her son (and husband, who was standing back, with us, in the safe area, away from the thousands of runners).


Here is the route. You might want to try it out.




2 thoughts on “Peta runs and raises £s

  1. You’re most welcome. It was a pleasure to run for you… Have you got any more donations?? Would be good to know who has donated so I can thank them!

    Great photos by the way! I certainly look better than I felt near the finish. Goodness knows how I’ll double that distance in just 7 weeks (if it goes ahead…).

    Do remind me again how you’ll use the money so I can tell people in passing – did you mention funding a new singing group and/or increasing delivery from fortnightly to weekly? (or both?)

    All best, Peta

    Peta Cubberley ACIPR
    VCS Stakeholder Relationship Officer
    Communities & Environment
    Royal Borough of Greenwich

    ‘ 020 8921 8164 À 07712 690338
    • The Woolwich Centre, 35 Wellington Street, London SE18 6HQ

    1. Hi Peta, yes we have had a couple more donations. I shall email you separately with the details.
      We intend to use the money you raised to help start the Reflections fortnightly Singing Group, which launches on Tuesday, 21st April. This will mean there will be a Reflections group every Tuesday at 1pm in Shrewsbury House SE18. The Singing Group will alternate with the Friendship Group, but we hope many members of the “Reflections community” will come to both groups.
      Thanks again to you and your wonderful sponsors.
      We hope to see you again soon. Peter

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