Archery – a great success

28 Friends came along on Tuesday and by all accounts the soft archery set was a real hit. Thank you to archery coach Marc – our own Errol Flynn of Sidcup – who gave his time to come along and provide tips and guidance. By all accounts at one point there were more people watching the archery than doing anything else. We are really pleased it was so popular.

Thank you to Caroline for once again donning her bingo callers hat. Another popular activity.

A big thank you to the Reflections Team who ran the group in the absence of Janet and myself. You really are stars!

The Easter raffle was well received and raised £31 for the group. Thank you to the team members for donating the prizes.

It is encouraging to see from the feedback sheets that everyone enjoyed the group meeting. There were requests for more singing, dancing, activities and crafts so we will look into providing more of these for the group.

By request we are pleased to announce that Marc will be available again on 18th April to provide archery coaching. We have bought another bow and a couple more arrows so people should be able to have more goes.

Lastly, thank you everyone for my card and good wishes. It was very thoughtful and much appreciated.


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