Carers’ Group – 10 April

There were 8 carers at our second meeting including one new lady who commented after, the group was great and what she had been looking for, for some while.

Issues raised and discussed by the group tonight were:

Care homes: If the person with dementia is in a care home, is it reasonable the family is called and expected to still take the person to medical appointments?

In the case of someone who has behaviours we may find challenging, is it person centered for the home to want the person taken off site to do a  blood test rather than ask one of the on site nursing team to do it?


Recruiting carers privately – Where does one look? The importance of ensuring anyone employed is checked via the disclosure and barring service.

The importance of regular carers attending to a person with dementia so a rapport can be built. It was recognised this can be a challenge for a care agency though the number of people involved in care should be kept to a minimum.

Recognising that political correctness may not always apply to the person with dementia as the over riding importance is they get the support they need.

Protecting the world of the person with dementia –  Managing the relationship between the family, the person with dementia and social services so the person with dementia is involved and engaged in the decision making process. Social services has a duty to see the person they are supporting. If the family think a conversation with social services or other health professional may cause distress, to communicate their concerns so an agreed approach can be found.

Carers Toolkit – The group discussed 20 things not to say or do to a person with dementia as identified by Kate Swaffer who was diagnosed with young onset dementia. Read the article here.

The next group meeting is on Monday 8th May.

We look forward to seeing you next time.


Janet & Tatiana


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