Lego – coming soon

We are very much group led and respond to feedback, whenever possible. On a recent feedback sheet a member asked if they could have some Lego.

We are able to meet this request! – thanks to the kind and generous donation from our friend and supporter, Cheryl. Our niece and nephew, Amy and Jack, also very kindly donated a small amount of their Lego collection.

Our Lego haul

Depending on its success we will look to source some more – all donations welcome!


  • Lego is a great tool to work with cognitive functions such as identifying colours, shapes, sizes, items, etc.
  • Lego invites creativity into your life. With endless building options. The ideas are endless.
  • Lego exercises motor skills. If you have trouble using your hands then the medium or large size bricks might be more suitable. More about this below.
  • Sitting around a table working a set of Lego invites the social side of everyone to come out and play.
  • A Lego session can promote family bonding. What better way to have some family fun than to open a new set of Lego, find a Lego bargain on eBay, or see what you have stored in your loft. Get as many generations around the table as you can. And, make sure to grab your camera for future generations.

I managed this, while whiling away the time with a cup of tea.


Lego comes in various sizes

  • Traditional Lego bricks, marketed by Lego – these are the ones most of us are familiar with.
  • Duplo blocks, marketed by Lego – these building bricks are twice the length, height, and width of the traditional Lego bricks. They are still compatible with the traditional Legos.
  • Mega Bloks, marketed by Mattel. Mega Bloks comes in both maxi (pieces over 2″) and mini size (pieces 1-2″).

Note: Since some Lego sets are typically aimed at younger children I suggest you buy a small box or bag in which to store them. I don’t think most of us would like the packaging clearly targeting young children. Classic Lego sets have the age range on them 4-99 years!

Mr Lego (Ole Kirk Christiansen) was an interesting chap, read more about him here and on Lego here.


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