All new: Neill

We welcomed another new singer today – and we shall be welcoming him back in the future – Neill was a definite success with the group.

Before today’s entertainment, we introduced everyone to the new layout for Reflections in Shrewsbury House:

From 1-2pm group members are invited to use Room 1 – the Silver room

and Room 2 – the Green room.

We have the usual games, quizzes, jigsaw puzzles, painting, dominoes etc in both rooms.

From 2-3pm members have the choice of the Library for the entertainment, or  Room 1 – the Silver room for peace, quiet and games/quizzes etc.

It all worked remarkably well for a first effort, thanks to our wonderful volunteers (including Mo, our newest recruit), helpful group members, and Darren (managing the chairs).

The Library, minus tables, offered more space for dancing and generally moving around. A much safer solution, given our increasing numbers.

Neill sang a variety of well known tunes and got everyone involved.

See you next time,



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