First jobs and Friends Reminiscence

We had a slightly depleted group at this session, due to a variety of reasons (we are keeping the local hospitals busy).

We still enjoyed reminiscing about jobs. Group members had a wide variety of employment. Who remembers: switchboard operators, typing pools, nurses in starched uniforms, Lyons Corner House nippies, bus conductors, pre-supermarket shops, coalmen, or the man who collected the pennies from public toilets (he was with us today!)? Janet had some historic photos to jog our memories.

We chatted about the people we used to work with: good, bad and those with ties held in place with elastic to avoid the chance of being throttled by disgruntled customers.

Who has been on a works-outing charabanc? We managed a bus trip to the historic Shrewsbury House.

Our guest speaker gave use a brief history of the House and local points of interest – such as the open-air school (painting by our speaker).

There was too much to cram into the two hours, we did what we could, and went home happy. We hope our poorly friends and volunteers are back to rude health soon.


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