Jamie rocks the house

As usual we started the afternoon with conversations, jigsaws and other puzzles.

We had guests with us at the group again today, all having relaxed chats with our members. Today there was Tricia, continuing her research interviews about people’s experiences with dentists and two student nurses from Oxleas.

The domino crew were too busy playing to have their picture taken. But our domino scorer and artist David managed a short break to discuss his latest idea – painting water-colour pictures of group members, based on photos from the Reflections Friendship Group Memory Book, and raising money from the resulting masterpieces for the group. The paintings will be presented in a frame. Interested group members were invited to chat to our artist. Janet and I are keen to have our very own painting and are very grateful that David has come up with this initiative.

It was soon showtime. Our visiting students joined in the fun.

Jamie, our favourite pantomime dame (now appearing at Butlins Bognor and Minehead as Queen Camila in Sleeping Beauty), gave us a rock ‘n’ roll sing-a-long.

Buddy Holly and friends sang tunes that we all enjoyed – and most of us knew all the words too.


More fun in a fortnight.





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