Emma and Tony 04/02/20

Rather a lot going on at the group today. Visitors from Oxleas and the Azheimer’s Society. Sharon from the Carers Centre came to give advice, as usual. Two of our trustees popped in.  We had a new volunteer, Mary (not to be confused with the other Mary), start with us. David presented us with a new painting. And we had to call for an ambulance – we are pleased to report the patient was later discharged by the QE – and told not to exercise.

Emma grabbed our attention, warmed us up (it was a cold day) and ran through some rousing tunes.

The crowd (including a famous mouse) packed into our main room.

Tony certainly rocked the room. He turned it up to 11, played until 3, and had a migraine by 4. We all wish him well and a swift return to top form.

The packed room still managed to cope with a packed dance floor.



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