Zoom – The first online Friendship Group 31st March 2020

We were very pleased to run our first Friendship Group online – using Zoom video conferencing.

There was a record turn-out for this first session, with 10 members of the group taking part. We were especially pleased that one member of our group who has dementia and lives alone was able to join us.

Janet led the way, with support from Pearl, Gyda and me. Janet included a quiz based on nursery rhymes and led the sing-a-long. Pearl gave us some of her usual top notch jokes, and a poem.

It also provided an opportunity for David, our resident artist, to show-off his recent painting of the other David, who was also at the Friendship Group meeting. We look forward to seeing the actual painting when we are all back together in the future.

We enjoyed 80 minutes of fun, banter and joining in – and we had the chance to use our IT skills to download Zoom and get online.

The group decided it would be a good idea to reconvene next week at the same time. One of the group members suggested next time we wear funny hats.

Group members said how lovely it was to be able to see and chat to each other.




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