Reflections donates biscuits to junior doctors at Queen Elizabeth Hospital

We had a lot of biscuits, which people attending the Friendship Group had brought along to share with each other. As we are not able to meet at present, and the biscuits would have been long past their Best Before dates before we are able to meet again, we were wondering what to do with them. Then Greenwich Council put out a request for donations to help the junior doctors at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) who are busy working long hours looking after people affected by Covid-19. We thought this was a good cause and something small that Reflections could do to support them.

So on Wednesday, 8th April Janet took a big bag of biscuits to the QEH.

Here are the packets Janet took.

In order to maintain the safety of people leaving donations as well as the staff, as directed, Janet dropped the biscuits off at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital’s Education Centre. Here Nic accepted the bag from Janet and thanked us for our generosity.

Here is a copy of the thank you note we attached to the bag of biscuits. We hope members will be in agreement with our decision.





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