Hats 7th April 2020

Week two of our Friendship Group online

Hats featured today.

Gyda and Pearl excelled (as usual!)

Janet introduced the new Zoom team members to the group and got things going.  Pearl helped us along with some of her jokes.

This weeks theme was Easter and Easter bonnets. We had a good mix of volunteers, including a new one, Danny, who single handedly drastically reduced the group’s average age. Sharon, from the Carers Centre, came along to offer advice and information. We were also joined by Deb, one of Reflections trustees, for part of the session.

This time we experimented with allocating the group into five Zoom “rooms” to have a chat. Each “room” had a volunteer (or two) to facilitate the experience. People said they enjoyed the chance to talk in smaller groups. This was particularly true for a brother and sister who hadn’t had the chance to see each other for some time. I popped into each room to see how things were going and was very pleased to see, and hear, one member singing to the others in her “room”. A late arrival was a member currently unable to return to the UK from his home in Spain.

In the second half we had more jokes from Pearl, Gyda hosted an Easter quiz and Janet hosted the second half of the nursery rhyme quiz led the singing.

I hope you can get a flavour of the meeting from this screen-shot. Sorry about the picture quality and the need to blur members faces! We were very pleased to welcome two group members who live alone with dementia who, on their own, managed to download the app and join us. The carers also succeeded in engaging with the internet again. What a wonderful and resourceful group of people.

We are back again next week, when Judith from BLG Mind will be joining us. Keep well.

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