Friendship Group 14th April 2020

Another busy week, with more people joining our online group.

We are very happy that Friendship Group members are coming to the sessions each week. As with our meetings in Shrewsbury House, people can come and go as they please. Some people will be keen to chat and join in, while others prefer to sit back and listen, it is all good. We aim to be inclusive and are always looking for ideas from the group to do new things or repeat things they enjoyed. We also like to have visitors who can add to the experience.

This time we welcomed Judith from BLG Mind. Mind has taken over the face-to-face advice work for people with dementia in Greenwich previously done by the Alzheimer’s Society. They will be updating the Mind website soon, but you can get an indication of the breadth of their work here. Judith introduced herself and Mind to the group. She also joined in with the chat when we split into smaller groups in Zoom rooms.

The volunteers plus Judith, bottom right, embraced this weeks theme: the colour Red. We also embraced Pearl’s first session of jokes.

We were just getting into our stride with our Friendship Group online, when we had a few technical difficulties. People disappeared, and reappeared, then new people joined. Fortunately we had the “A team” of volunteers on hand to fill in the gaps. Janet moved to the iPad in control room ‘B’ to keep everyone in order – and to run the quiz.

Here we have a few of the group, enjoying Pearl’s second round of jokes, and about to launch into the singing, with support from the volunteers.

We are back next week, when the IT gremlins should have been banished. Keep well.




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