Friendship Group 28th April 2020

Is it me, or does time seems to be running at an odd pace during this lock-down? Today was another group day! We had more participants than ever. And, as usual, people moved in and out of the Zoom group between 1 and 3pm. Janet ran the front of house, we had contributions from some top performers, and I did the fiddly bits behind the scenes.

Janet’s introduction included welcomes to newcomers to the Zoom Friendship Group meeting. Dot and Jen, our longest serving volunteers, managed to join the meeting for the first time. Barbara also popped in for her debut appearance.
We were very pleased that Roxana came and spoke about her new role in BLG Mind, which is close to her old role with The Alzheimer’s Society.
Peter’s chat rooms were popular again. We are all still learning how Zoom works, so there were a couple of minor issues, but we did have a variety of discussions and met people we may not have chatted to before.
Pearl’s jokes and songs went down a storm, as usual. The inclusion of some Tommy Cooper jokes was very popular (at least with me).
Gerry’s poetry window, gave us a recital of the delightful “Teabag” poem. It was funny and well told.
Janet’s Quizzes were a puzzle to some, while others were clearly experts on Motown and words starting with the letters “Oc”.
Gyda’s craft window this week gave us an Origami Fox. It was simple to make and the method for making it was expertly demonstrated by our craft guru.
David’s mixed media window included a his latest painting and a reading of the “Reflections on a Tuesday Afternoon” poem.
Janet’s polls found: the group’s favourite super power / that we want chair yoga / that Gyda will run an art & craft window each week.
Janet’s songs got everyone (or nearly everyone) on their feet and singing.
Gyda Reflections gave us a short meditation “Just This” to help us to find calm when we need to. This can be done either walking or seated. When breathing in say to yourself “Just“, when breathing out say “This“. Repeating these words focuses the mind and brings about a feeling of relaxation.
May you stay safe and well, and join us next week.


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