Flower power! 12th May 2020

The theme of the day was Flowers. Janet encouraged us to be laid-back, pop in and out of the meeting if necessary, make a cup of tea, have a comfort break – generally relax.

Danny had encouraged us to embrace flowers, press them and wear them. Everyone was keen to show off their Spring inspirations. We ran a group poll and discovered Spring was the most popular season, followed by Summer. Fortunately, all of those attending had a garden and could safely appreciate the lovely weather.

I took the opportunity to wear a suitably themed shirt.

Gerry kept everyone listening carefully to his reading of the popular poem “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” by Mr Wordsworth.

Gyda’s pushed the boundaries of our craft making by employing scissors, glue and pens. The results were excellent: hedgehogs and caterpillars.

We  had a very good turn-out of volunteers at the group. I think some had trouble wracking their brains for the answers to Janet’s quiz. Lynne gave us a good mixture of questions – some of which even I could answer (thanks Lynne). Pearl kept us amused with her jokes spot.

We moved into the vigorous sing-a-long section with Janet. Finally, Gyda calmed us with her Reflection piece.

Keep safe and well, and join us next week.


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