Music 19th May 2020

Music was the theme of the day.

We asked what musical instruments the group played when they were younger.

We discovered a little about everyone’s talents. Gyda guided us in making our own musical instruments. Pearl produced and played the recorder and, to out surprise and delight, Gery played his saxophone for us. He then gave us his poem of the day.

Geny arrived at 2pm to run her yoga class.

We all had a good stretch, while seated, and I for one felt more relaxed by the end. Thanks Geny.

While this was going on, a few members had slipped into another room. Ron took the opportunity to show this group his delightful garden.


Lynne did well in the music quiz, as did Danny (although I think most of the tunes came out before he was born).

We were pleased that people felt they could pop in and out during the session. Two couples apologised for not coming – the good weather had forced them to sit in their garden, where their wi-fi didn’t work. Sharon, From The Carers Centre, did manage to join us and give some one-to-one advice – even though she was in her garden!

There was the usual singing, in spite of some recurring technical difficulties. Pearl’s joke were of their usual rib-tickling standard.

Finally, Gyda calmed us with her Reflection piece on impermanence.

Keep safe and well, and join us next week.

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