Carers Group: 21/11/22


  • Janet introduced and spoke about the upcoming Self Care Workshop.

Member updates

New members, old problems

A new member of the group supports her brother in Australia. He has limited support there.

Another new member  cares for her mother who is living in sheltered accommodation in Eltham. Her mother has been independent, but is now worried and scared making excuses not to go to the communal area. She is also not drinking enough. A regular member spoke about his wife and the struggle to keep her hydrated. He suggest suggested fruits, ice cream and jelly. Janet suggested there may be someone in the home that could encourage her mum and to contact Social Services to do an assessment. Janet said her thirst receptors may be affected. People can get to a point where they feel unsafe, thinking “If I stay in can be safe”. Another carer had to go with her mum to the Queen Elizabeth hospital recently as she had become dehydrated.

Here is a link to Good Hydration and how to ensure that someone is not becoming dehydrated. The Dementia UK website has lots more useful information.

Not taking medication

A sister-in-law spoke about the person she cared for refusing to take her meds as she had read the side effects on the leaflet.They are trying to contact Monica Crugel (at the Memory Clinic) for a second opinion. They have an appointment in January. The person with dementia hasn’t taken her meds for about three weeks now. Tatiana said if they were worried about the situation they should ask to speak to the doctor again and put it in writing. Ask for a mental capacity assessment and what needs to be done – copy it all over to Monica. Janet recommended asking for a written summary of the meeting.

Feeling low

The next speaker said her dad is feeling down at the moment and has low energy. He is not responding to the usual things that they do. He doesn’t go out as much.  People do come to see him, but it upsets him and he gets aggressive and says he’s going to bed. Another carer said unexpected guests can unsettle her mum too. She has a friend who comes to see her three times a week. Janet asked if he was on antidepressants as he may need a low dose.


The next conversation covered a mum who has mobility issues and how she shakes if she opens the front door. The son said he has good and bad days, but focuses on the good.

Time for a holiday

Finally we were updated about a mum who is in a care home after a lot of problems. Sadly her mum no longer recognises her. The daughter is going on holiday for the first time in four years.

Next meeting 12th December 2022.

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