Carers Group: 13/3/23

Janet’s information piece

Janet again recommended members have a look at the Dementia Careblazers YouTube and web sites (see below for more details).

A good place to find a wide variety of articles on dementia is the Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Together Magazine and factsheets on their website.

For those going into care or hospital the Alzheimer’s Society “This is me” document can be helpful.

Independent Age also has information on a wide range of topics affecting older people on their website with booklets that can be ordered or downloaded.

About Dementia Careblazers

There is a lot of useful information on the YouTube video channel Dementia Careblazers run by Dr Natali Edmonds a psychogeriatrician (website: There are videos on many topics most of which are short. There is a free course available too, which is one and a half hours, available by providing an email address. Peter did the course and thought it was good. Be mindful, however, if you give your email address to access the free course as you will get lots of emails from Dr. E. You will need to unsubscribe, if you don’t want to receive these.

Member updates


A member’s dad continues to be stable. Lately he gets fixated on things that pop into his head. It can be challenging. At times he still believes he is at work and will ask his daughter why his meeting has not started. The daughter says “I’ll find out” rather than saying “I don’t know”, which seems to diffuse the situation. She has also been doing talking therapy at the Deborah Ubee Trust and said it helped her to order her thoughts.

Ups and downs

A brother is up and down. How he is varies from week to week. The sister mentioned a book by Oliver James on dementia Contented Dementia which she found helpful.

Coping with change

We had an update on a member’s mum, following her fall and stay in the Queen Elizabeth hospital. She is now in the Oaks Care Home, which she says is brilliant. They have sorted out her hair, nails etc. It’s only an interim placement. The daughter is having a difficult time finding a place she feels happy with for her mum that is closer to where she lives. Tatiana recommended making an unannounced visit to care homes, as well as arranged ones. Since she went into the care home, mum is a lot better, the delirium has gone, but she’s not stable enough to move out of her room.

Another mum was still in the QE. Three weeks ago her mum forgot who her daughter was. She wasn’t coping at home and had several falls. She was being found by the carer following the fall. The daughter is experiencing difficulties finding somewhere for her mum. Tatiana gave advice on different options, care packages and assessments.

A wife talked about her recent holiday with her husband. They went on holiday to Revitalise in Chigwall. Revitalise specialise in supported breaks. Everyone was very kind. They went to see The Lion King and had a trip on a narrow boat. Unfortunately her husband was taken ill while away and had to go to the local hospital. He had a chest infection and caught covid. His wife also got a sickness bug, but was allowed to stay at Revitalise until the husband was able to go home. She has decided that she needs respite, so for her next break her husband is going into care while she goes to see family.

Next meeting has been moved to 3rd April 2023 due to Easter

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