Hobbies 26th May 2020

Today’s theme was Hobbies. Most of us have enjoyed the chance to immerse ourselves in something we want to do, be it stamp collecting, knitting, belly dancing, sewing, singing in a choir etc. It’s never too late to start a new hobby.

You may remember these books from your childhood. I loved the Ladybird books.

The group chatted about their hobbies in the Zoom rooms. There were some interesting examples and some group members had even made money from their hobby. Joyce showed us one of her many scrap-books from over 40 years ago.

David’s painting hobby is rapidly filling his house. Luckily his other hobby is cycling, which gets him out and about!

Janet is always keen on a quiz and today was no exception. Everyone wracked their brains to find answers to questions about May. The exception was Mary, who had done the quiz before and got all the questions right.

Pearl gave us some cracking jokes – like this one.

I was very pleased to see that some members of the group managed to join us live and direct from their gardens. Fortunately, the sun was shinning. Gyda’s craft window was a bit tricky today – drawing a word with outlined letters, then cutting them out, cutting each letter in half, then trying to reassemble the original word – an instant jigsaw! Gyda gave us the suggestion for homework of repeating the craft, by writing our name on a piece of card and colouring it in, before cutting it up and bringing it along next week to share with the group.

Gerry entertained us with the poem “I don’t like hobbies”

Every session has singing and, for once, we managed to have a reasonable sound quality. Everyone was particularly pleased when they could make out all the words to Tony Chestnut.

Towards the end of an extended group meeting, Gyda led us through a hand massage.

Every week we find out more interesting snippets about our group. Danny was very chatty about his architecture studies in one of our chat rooms. Next week he has promised to start a short weekly window about how we can improve our homes to improve our lives – particularly for those affected by dementia.

Every session requires some thought – only Danny looks relaxed – next week he might be a bit more stressed.

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