Cooking – 2nd June 2020

This week the theme was cooking. We were impressed to see people had been baking – unfortunately we couldn’t sample each other’s efforts (and David had eaten most of his).

Nice presentation

Sadly, not much left here! We should have come earlier

Cakes were sliding off the plate

We were very pleased to welcome back two long-standing members of the group, who had moved to Exeter. Running our group online means we can welcome visitors from anywhere in the world.

Following Janet’s introductions, we moved into our conversation rooms for 30 minutes. The small groups seem much more chatty now people are more relaxed with Zooming. Sharon, from the Carers Centre, gave some professional advice and guidance to two people at either end of the meeting (in private rooms).

Gyda was on top form with her crafts.

She showed us how to create an ice-cream using paper/cake cases, pens and scissors. Watching Gyda and hearing her detailed instructions encouraged us to produce high quality results. We can all practice and, if successful, show our creations next week.

Lynne’s quiz stretched our brains. If only I could have found a pen, I would have got 10/10.

Danny launched his “Homes for Wellbeing” window with some informed thought on reducing visual clutter.

Danny introduced his window with this: “Visual clutter becomes a problem when the eye can see too many things which causes a distraction in what you are doing. Even if you are not aware of these distractions, it can happen subconsciously. When there is too much visual clutter, it can make it harder to concentrate on carrying out a task or to find something in a room.

Pearl gave us a topical joke, just as coronavirus restrictions on the number of people meeting together were eased.

Our weekly polls confirmed that the group were keen on cooking and eating. Not everyone seemed to have the best approach to regular meals (Sharon’s snacks) – but perhaps we need to find out more, there could be some interesting dietary planning at work.

Gerry recited the poem “Baking distress”

The singing was of its regular high standard. I always enjoy the slight delay between the music and each person’s singing. We are all on “mute”, so this isn’t a problem, but the collective movement from each person’s is delightful.

The group ended with Gyda’s reflection piece on the power of thought.

We are so pleased that our group members continue to pop into these Friendship Group sessions. We know not everyone will be able to come every week, or for the whole meeting. It is wonderful that people come when they can. I have trial runs on Mondays for those wishing to join-in and new to Zoom. This week another couple set up Zoom on their smart-phone and should be joining us next week. If you want you know more about our groups please contact us.

The group, enjoying themselves, as usual.

Our last song of the session was a tune with a special message from our friend the talented Tony. This is an appropriate song for the current times. It is now our new group song.

It is Volunteers Week from 1-7 June. A big thank you to all our wonderful team, without whom we couldn’t do what we do. There are no paid staff in Reflections everyone volunteers their time. We are very grateful for all they do to make our groups a success.

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