Carers Group: 12/9/22


  • Reflections is part of Greenwich Demential Action Group (DAG). Angelika, the group leader, is holding workshops for Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) at the Eltham, Greenwich and Woolwich Centres. Details are here.
  • There is a new Oxleas – Greenwich and Bexley team. They will will starting a year long project testing and implementing support for dementia in care homes, looking to reduce medication, one to one support and placement breakdown. Initially to work with five care homes and then may roll it out to all care homes. Hannah Debenhams is the new senior manager
  • MIND  – have a Memory Cafe at the Carers Centre (Stables) first Thursday of every month. They will have  activities and there will be someone from MIND to talk to.The next Carers training programme will be in November.
  • Assessments – Oxleas have a ten to eleven week wait for new people. People with urgent needs will be prioritised. They are struggling to fill vacancies and have a locum consultant at the moment. Greenwich is behind the national average to get a diagnosis. Louisa will be at the Carers Centre on the first Thursday of the month 1.00 – 3.00 pm. Magic Moments is the same day from 10-00 – 12.00 for anyone with dementia diagnosis (discussions, quizzes). It’s upstairs and there is a lift.

Member updates


Husband and wife carers have been away to France and are feeling refreshed. The husband thinks his sister switched her phone off, but a relative fixed it. They think maybe she turned it off and couldn’t remember how to put it back on. They haven’t broached the subject of medication yet and the sister hasn’t made an appointment.

Another carer has also had a week away (very nice). She had everything in place for her mum before she went. Mum was ok – but slightly more confused. She doesn’t remember that her daughter has been away. Her doctor says that mum is physically well. The daughter said she needs to worry less. Janet – it’s the nature of dementia, always anticipating, enjoy the love. The daughter is going to trust her sons more and she might go away again!


A daughter said her dad had good days and bad days. Her dad’s brother came for a visit. Her dad had not seen his brother since 2018 and it was good for him. He did recognise his brother and was able to follow the conversations. Her dad didn’t recognise some of the other family members. When his brother had to leave it was hard for them both. They are going to enjoy things in the moment.

Jigsaw puzzles

A step daughter had nothing dramatic to report. Some parts of his mind seem to function and some parts are like a jigsaw puzzle with bits missing. He is still collecting stuff that people put out side (for example – a chest of drawers). She is worried about the heating bills as he does not have central heating in the house, just plug in appliances, heaters, fans etc. Janet asked does he heat all the rooms or just the ones he’s in? She said – the water is heated in the tank and there are a lot of trailing cables to worry about, but his son is the main carer and is aware of the situation.

Jelly drops

A husband had gone out on his own, leaving the front door open and without keys. A neighbour called her. He doesn’t remember going out. His memory is getting worse. His diabetes and diet are ok. He uses jelly drops for a liquid top-up. They are expensive, but they stop him getting dehydrated. He has arthritis in his hands quite badly and has difficulty opening the tray as it has two layers. He has to work out how to get them out and where the edge is to open them. Janet – suggested contacting the company about the design of the packaging. Another carer suggested an internal cameras so the wife can see what’s going on (the system has a microphone too). She uses a Ring Doorbell. This carer said she is able to pick up on her mums behaviour and if she is getting agitated or anxious. It gives her reassurance.


A new member of the group said that after listening to everyone he has gained insight in what is to come. Janet said everyone’s experiences will be unique to them. Group members all told him how long they had waited for diagnosis and how the dementia had progressed. One has not yet been diagnosed. The new person talked about his wife’s constant tiredness. Today she didn’t feel well, but did attend her appointments. Tatiana – asked if she sleeps well and was she eating and drinking enough. He said that she says she is not hungry. She goes to bed early and gets up late. They are waiting for a sleep monitor. She’s a light sleeper. Tatiana asked if she has lost interest in doing certain activities, as she may be depressed. Janet said, due to chemical changes in the body, “tiredness” can be depression. He said he will bring it up with the GP as she had antidepressants before when she had a spine problem.

Gyda read: “Serenity”:

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Midsummer Madness by Georgina Grant

Next meeting 3rd October 2022. Please note, this is a change to the first Monday in the month.

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