Carers Group: 3/10/22


Member updates

Problem carers

A mum is a bit negative and anxious when going out. Her daughter has changed tactics, not telling mum when they are going to go out until just before, when she’ll say “get your shoes and cardigan on”. They are having problems with carers that don’t turn up at the arranged time, not talking to her mum, and not staying to the arranged time. Today’s carers were quite brisk and loud speaking. The daughter sometimes will be working upstairs and can hear what’s going on – sometimes the carers only stay for 3 or 4 minutes. There is a picture calendar on the wall so that carers can talk to mum about it – some do talk to mum and some do not do anything. Janet asked if they log in and out in a book? There is a book for any issues and an on-line system, but it’s difficult to get on and it’s kicks you out. Tatiana recommended collecting evidence and get more understanding of the system.  When do they record? Who’s checking? Does it work as it should? It is important for management to know how the carers should be talking to the people they are for.

Time for help – but what sort?

A sister went to the Memory Clinic and has been given Risperidone medication [you may read more about antipsychotic drugs here]. She said she doesn’t want to be “spaced out”. She has cut the tablets in half and today she said she only has one weeks supply. She rang tonight saying she’s too tired and has thrown the box away. The brother is going round tomorrow to sort it all out, he said it’s approaching the time when she will need someone to come in to help. She’s been burning food again, but doesn’t know how often this is happening. Another carer had the fire brigade up to her mum’s house to assess and fit appropriate detectors and alarms [you may read about the London Fire Brigade’s home fire safety visits here]. The brother wants to put in a camera, but his sister won’t have it. Janet said some action needs to be taken as these are important tablets and you can’t just stop and start taking them. Janet recommended contacting the head person at the Oxleas memory clinic (Monica Crugel) and ask for another opinion.

Going for a walk

A carer has had a very stressful time as her husband went walk-about on Monday, leaving the front door open. He went out in slippers and no coat. It came up on the new Ring doorbell – it’s stressful every time her phone goes off. He is mobile and active, but not steady on his feet. The neighbour saw him go to the end of the road and back again. If it happens again she may have to give up work and set up a rota. Tatiana asked there is it the same or different times when he went out? Is he looking for some stimulation? Maybe more interaction when he’s on his own. His wife said there wasn’t a pattern. Pre-Covid he used to walk a lot. Janet suggested speaking to Maria Jenkins (Volcare) they provide half a day or one day once a fortnight. They provide a free service (Greenwich and Bexley).

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Midsummer Madness by Georgina Grant

Next meeting 14th November 2022.

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