Movies – 28th July 2020

“Movies” was a popular choice for the theme of the day. Fortunately, we had time to chat about our top films and film stars.

We did have a packed programme to get through – including Thaumatopes, more on them later…

Everyone was keen to tell us about their favourite film. It helped to pay attention to the discussions, as they included the answers to some of Janet’s quiz questions later.

We had lots to talk about when we moved into our discussion rooms. Janet was in the cosmopolitan room with Danny joining us from Finland and Roxana linking-in from Romania. She also had Mario, who comes from Italy and Stella, who comes from Spain. Janet discovered that while Spain had Saturday morning pictures (like the UK), Italy had Sunday afternoon pictures.

Gyda’s craft was making a Thaumatope.

The aim is to make a paper spinner, with pictures on both sides – such as a bowl and a fish. When you spin the paper it looks like the fish is in the bowl. Genius.

Gyda suggested that, for homework, we come up with some other thaumatopes. No pressure!

Pearl’s jokes raised a titter or two. Here is one that had all our ears:

Janet had a book themed quiz ready for us. Our newest member did very well. If we ever set up a Reflections quiz team, I think we have at least one member with a good knowledge of books.

Danny gave us some tips for being comfortable (from his log cabin in Finland):

Gerry hopes to be back next time with his poem of the week. We hope he enjoyed his visits from the gas and water people.

Pearl got us dancing to “The Macarena”.

Everyone soon joined in and raised the temperature in the (Zoom) room.

We all needed to chill out after this excitement. Fortunately, Gyda had some word of wisdom.

Gyda gave us “Compassion”:

More fun on Zoom next week.

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