Musical Tea – 13th October 2020

Today we returned to those particular tunes which have a special meaning for each of us. When we hear them they spark emotions, memories, and the urge to start singing. They are the Soundtrack to our Lives.

Music is neurologically special in the way that it stimulates many parts of the brain at once. Listening to your Playlist can have a very positive impact on you. Find out more about Playlist for Life on their website here. You may develop your own Playlist by following this simple guide.

And what better way to get into the groove, than by holding a Musical Tea?

Peter Butterworth, our Local Organiser for Playlist for Life, gave us an overview of Playlist for Life and invited us to create our own.

Peter recommended we look at the resources on the Playlist site here and specifically their 100 years of tunes. You can download individual decades for free. Putting together a Playlist is fun and playing it can help calm us in stressful times. Peter has offered to help with advice on putting a Playlist together. If you want to contact Peter, please let us know.

We had a series of polls which prompted a lot of discussion and memories of days gone bye. Old TV themes led onto old TV programmes (you can still see many of them on the ‘Talking Pictures TV‘ channel on Freeview). The people who come up with TV adverts would have been pleased that we remembered so many.

Janet’s tea & cake

Everyone was busy joining in, but some of us managed to spare time for some tea and cake, as befits a Musical Tea.

In a break from the normal quiz format, I introduced a musical picture quiz. We had some very high scores and I managed 17/17 (but then, I had set the questions).

Janet’s quiz gave us the first line of a classic song, we had to come up with the next line. We also attempted to identify the singer/group. A much more testing quiz than mine.

Pearl’s penguins went for a spin:

Gyda’s homework is very popular with some of the keener members of the group. David has his Christmas present assembly line running!

This week Gyda’s craft was making a musical shaker.

David’s homework

Pearl insisted we sing some up-beat songs, including YMCA. We were pleased to see lots of singing and dancing.

We had more singing later with Tony’s version of “3 little birds”.

Gyda introduced a: “Wonderful vessel”:

We look forward to the return of some more of our usual features next time – if we can fit them into the packed programme!

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