Happy surprises – 3rd November 2020

We were asked to come us with our Happy Surprises and nearly all of us did.

Group members took us through their surprises, both this year and in the recent past. These ranged from the surprise arrival of a sister from Canada, to arrival of new grandchildren. We were very pleased to hear people’s plans for the immediate future. This also prompted some of the group to think what they might do.

We also discussed November 5th – bonfire night. Group members recalled having fireworks at home or going to the display on Blackheath. Nobody will be going to Blackheath for fireworks this year – as we will be in another lockdown from Thursday.

David showed us some of the very many paintings on his walls. This was a new one – he said his efforts were becoming more abstract as time went on. He plans to do a Reflections Friendship Group Zoomers painting – it should be fabulous.

Gyda’s paper craft this time was all about making our own fireworks.

Pearl’s fireworks:

David is now a regular Reflections poet, with a self-penned reading most weeks.

David gave us “The fifth of November”

One happy surprise today was the return of Danny. He needed to leave before Pearl introduced her latest batch of songs. There followed both singing and dancing – including Janet’s favourite: ‘Ring of Fire’ as sung by Tony:

Gerry read “Life is full of surprises”:

Lynne was our quiz hostess. I’m sure her quizzes are getting harder. Here is one question: ‘How long did it take to conceal the gunpowder in the Parliament cellars’. Answer: ‘One Year’!

Gyda introduced us to some Chi Yoga – using a toilet roll!

We had more singing later with Tony’s version of “3 little birds”.

Gyda suggested we take care of ourselves emotionally:

I shall be taking a break from the Friendship Group sessions for a while. But, I will be popping in occasionally and keeping this blog up to date. See you soon.

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