Celebration food – 10th November 2020

Food glorious food turned out to be a very popular subject this week.

Our polls showed that the most popular Christmas snack was “Anything with chocolate” and for Christmas lunch, sprouts were more popular than turkey. We all joined in the discussion, which perked-up as soon a someone mentioned Christmas pudding made with fruit soaked in alcohol. The magic word was alcohol, which raised even more smiles than chocolate.

Gyda has started Christmas early with a simple paper decoration. As usual, group members were keen to refine their creations after the meeting.

Livia La Camera

Livia gave us a presentation on healthy eating and engaged us in a short discussion on our eating and drinking habits (we all appear to know what we should be doing). You may find out more about the GCDA and their training events here. Livia is the Greenwich Co-operative Development Agency Healthy (GCDA) Programmes Development Lead.

Pearl had a selection of food jokes:

Pearl’s sing-a-long went well. Sharon, from the Carers Centre, managed a boogie before she had to go.

David read his poem “The second lockdown”

At this point I popped out of the meeting for a snack. Many of the group entered into the spirit of the session with a few nibbles and a drink.

Gerry almost had a healthy option with “Fish and chips”:

Lynne, the quiz hostess, baffled some of us (me) with her tricky questions. Others did well – one even managed to get 23 correct answers to 22 questions!

As usual we ended with Tony’s version of “3 little birds”.

Gyda was on light duties today. After her excellent craft session, she had the opportunity to soak up the atmosphere for a change.

I managed to pop in to today’s meeting and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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