Mothers – 9th March 2021

Everyone had their thoughts on today’s theme.

Janet couldn’t vote, but she would have picked “Something funny” – her mum playing drums – to everyone’s surprise, while on holiday.

  • L – played with her mum’s jewellery, rouge and lippy.
  • M – her Mother was a brilliant accordion player and she liked poetry.
  • A – his mum taught him to cook and bake cakes.
  • P – recalls a trip to Ramsgate on a train with the tent loaded on a pram.
  • J – her Mother made toffee apples and toffee onions for prizes on camping holiday sports.
  • P – showed a photo of her mother aged about 75 playing the piano.
  • M – her mum was a knitter. 
  • C – said her mum always stuck up for her (even when faced with a motorcycle gang).

Gyda was just a blur with her speedy flower basket craft. We expect great things from the group’s homework – no pressure.

Nikki, joined us again. She recalled a special dress, pink with yellow flowers. She went out to play, forgot how special the dress was, and it was cut while playing jungles in the garden with the boys.

Lynne produced another tricky quiz. Fortunately, we have some top quizzers.

Pearl’s jokes were up to their usual standard:

Lynne needed a lie down after Pearl’s jokes.

Janet was keen to ensure we fitted-in all our favourite sessions. We always overrun a bit – but we enjoy the packed programme.

The requested tune for this week was “Staying Alive”. We all had a boogie.

Gerry gave us “Mother’s love“:

Chi Ball with Gyda fired-up everyone. Then she calmed us down…

Gyda’s “Monkey“:

David had his homework ready…

Stay home, Protect the NHS, Save lives, have a jab, and a second jab (I’ve had mine).

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