Looking back on Zoom – 20th July 2021

A very hot day. The group spent some discussing who had sunshine, rain, thunder and/or lightning. By the end of the session, I think we had all had some of everything – except for our friends in Exeter, who just had extreme heat.

Today it was a day to remember the fun we have had on Zoom. The poll showed Pearl’s Jokes were clearly very popular – but exercise did very well too. The members said they did addition exercises outside the group to keep flexible (no-one mentioned cycling, although we have some keen cyclists in the group).

Not everyone joins in with the craft sessions, but those that do are very positive about the quick crafts. The poems “were always appropriate.  Often touching and uplifting“. The other sessions were also popular – including the Reflection reading – and the missing Quiz sessions.

The most popular was the chats. A said they brought back lots of memories covering lots of topics.  C said they provoked lots of memories. D suggested that when back at Shewsbury House we could possibly record peoples’ stories. P enjoyed the funny stories.  L enjoyed finding out about other people’s lives.

The Shrewsbury House poll speaks for itself. We look forward to being back there soon.

No Gyda this week, but we did have homework to show.

David showed us several of his paintings. We hope to see an exhibition when we return to Shrewsbury House.

Pearl prepares for the Olympics:

Pearl’s songs were “Memories are made of this”, “Magic Moments” and  “Daydream Believer”.

Lynne did two quizzes – Here are some questions about Nursery Rhymes:

  • The grand old Duke of York had how many men?
  • Lucy Locket lost her pocket; who found it?
  • How did Doctor Foster go to Gloucester?

Lynne always enjoys being quizmaster, but some of her questions are very tricky.

Janet encouraged us to be In the present moment

The Reflections Friendship Group returns to Shrewsbury House on 3rd August. More information coming soon.

You may now nominate Reflections as your charity when you buy items on Amazon. Click here for more information. It does not cost you (or the retailer) anything and Reflections will receive 0.5% of what you spend.

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