Holidays – 16th June 2020

We were very pleased to see our regulars today – and some returners. Dot and Jen managed to squeeze in a sandwich and cup of tea before we got busy…

Holidays were the theme of the day.

We asked everyone where and when they had their favourite holiday – they came up with a wide variety of answers – Egypt was popular, even though for one person it was during their military service.

We spent some time in discussions in small groups. One group of carers took the opportunity to discuss some serious matters. Others came up with schooldays pranks. A few even talked about holidays.

Gyda’s craft was a big fish!

This one was simple enough for most of us to master.

Gyda suggested those of us who were a bit slow (me) should consider it homework.

Pearl entertained us with three songs, including a karaoke version of “Summer Holiday”. Cliff (aka The King of Rock & Roll) would be proud.

Pearl’s pains were nothing compared to these panes:

No quiz from Lynne. In fact, no Lynne. She was off doing something important elsewhere. Danny was awol too, he had work to do. Both will be back with us next week.

David recited his latest highly topical poem:

David had been practicing some of Gyda’s craft ideas. I managed to come-up with my version of a day-in-the-life booklet, as demonstrated last week.

Gerry’s poem on the theme of holidays was “Day Tripper”:

We had a couple of people who asked for a chat with Sharon, from the Carers Centre. She couldn’t be with us today, but had arranged to follow-up with people after the meeting.

Gyda’s was back with an exercise for the 5 senses:

Pearl had some more rib-tickling jokes, which we managed to squeeze in before…

It seems people had been working on their fish, while other things were going on..

Gyda was feeling good and so were we after this thought for today:

Janet introduced the singing.

We had another new song from Tony. This is Janet’s favourite: “Ring of Fire”, complete with Mariachi band.

We were still chatting at 3:20 – but then everyone agreed it was time for tea.

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